Technical Requirements

The Amplitude is suitable for small and mid scale venues with a minimum performance area of 5m x 10m with a sprung floor. All sound in this performance is recorded and played live in the piece and is based on the miked movement of the dancer (two microphones on stage, no additional samples).

Low frequencies play an important role in the physical experience of the audience piece. This is why a high quality sound system is absolutely essential.

Mattef Kuhlmey is not only the musician on stage during the performance, but also a highly competent sound technician, with over 20 years of experience in creating, performing and worldwide touring in theatres and venues for dance, theatre and music. He will oversee all sound related technical set up but needs to be supported throughout the set up and take down by an additional sound technician.

The piece requires black dancefloor and black molleton for stage sides and stage back.

Running time: 50 min.

Sound requirements:

  • An optimized acoustic irradiation of the space
  • A high quality sound system (prefered brands: d&b, L-Acoustics, Kling&Freitag).
  • A subbass
  • A separate voltage supply for the sound (230V, 50 Hz, 16A), power distributor and cables
  • 4-channel Soundsystem (2 speakers in the front, 2 in back of the audience)
  • Subwoofer (min. 1 for FOH as monopatch, min 1 for back as monopatch)
  • 2 Monitors on stage (left and right behind the front speakers, directed to the stage, on the floor)
  • small Mixing Desk (min. Master Out + 1 Subgroup + 2 Aux Send); well connected with amplifiers and speakers Master>FrontSpeakers, Subgroup>BackSpeakers, 1. AuxSend>Subbass, 2.AuxSend>Monitors; if possible: placed at the musicians table -XLR cables
  • 1 CD Player
  • Table at the left front side of the stage (for the musicians sound equipment; Laptop, ipad, controller). Cables to connect the audio interface proper to the speakers.
  • small lamp, dimmable, with dark blue filter

One condenser microphone (provided by the artist) will need to be hung from a rig approximately at the centre of the stage (high at approximately 2m).

Powerline with ON/OFF switch, at or nearby the musicians desk downstage left, will be needed. The line needs to be extended: 1. to the back of the stage (with current distributers for 7 plugs, distributed across the whole width of the stage) and 2. to a separate room or “far away” from the stage.

We will bring 7 radios (with PAT certification) for the show.

Technical support for setting up is needed at least for the first 4 hrs of the set up.

All changes to adjust the sound design to your theatre have to be
discussed in advance.

The original lighting design by Benjamin Schälike was re-lit in 2016 by Stephanie Bartle. It is available on Etc EOS showfile.

Please contact Stuart Allen for further technical information/questions.