Gabriele Reuter & Mattef Kuhlmey

Reuter and Kuhlmey have been collaborating since 2014. In their collaborative work they are concerned with the connections between sound, movement, choreography and space.

Gabriele Reuter

Gabriele Reuter is a choreographer, dancer and urbanist based in Berlin and Nottingham. She studied Contemporary Dance and Arts Management in Leicester and London before creating her own works and collaborations since 2003. Reuter was one of Dance4’s Europe in Motion artists at Springdance Festival Utrecht in 2009. Her first solo “INVENTORY/RÄUMUNG” premiered at Nottdance Festival 2008 and was shown internationally. The group piece “TOURIST” was nominated for the Prix Jardin d’Europe 2010 at idans Istanbul. Her performance evening “SUSI AND GABIs SALON” with Berlin-based artist Susanne Martin toured Germany and the UK between 2011-2014. In collaboration with Mattef Kuhlmey she has created two urban social history sound installations: HIDDEN SPACES (2014) in Sneinton, Nottingham, commissioned by Dance4 and HIDDEN TRACES (2016) in London St. Pancras commissioned by The Place and supported by the British Library. THE AMPLITUDE previewed at Nottdance Festival 2015 and premiered in Oct 2016 at Nottingham Lakeside Arts.

Reuter has danced in the works of Rick Nodine, Frauke Requart, Sioned Huws, Christoph Winkler a.o. At the heart of her own artistic practice and teaching is an on-going interest in improvisation in performance. In this context she has collaborated and performed with many renowned artists across Europe and in South America. Since 2009 she is part of the Improvisation Collective “Neat Timothy” with Rick Nodine, Jamie McCarthy, Seke Chimutengwende, Jane Leaney, Bryony Perkins and Gareth Green.

In 2014 Reuter qualified as a Design Thinker (creative coach) at the HPI “d-school” in Potsdam and completed her MA in Historical Urban Studies at Technical University Berlin in 2016.

Mattef Kuhlmey

Mattef Kuhlmey was born 1968 in former East Berlin. Since 1999 he works as a Musician. His band ALP has released „el arte nunca muere“/ Fortschritt Musik, „silbern“/ Fortschritt Musik; various silent movie soundtracks i.a. „Battleship Potemkin“, „The cabinet of Dr.Caligari“, “Berlin - symphony of a great city” and conducted several tours through Germany, Poland, USA.

Kuhlmey has worked as a composer for renowned choreographers in Germany, a.o. Hyoung Min Kim (Everything else, Gelbe Landschaften, Nach dem Ende kommt noch was), Jo Parkes (On beauty, On tradition), Gabriele Reuter (Hidden Spaces/Traces; The Amplitude); Nico and the Navigators (Die Stunde da wir zuviel voneinander wussten) and currently works with Deborah Hay on a commission for the Dance On Ensemble in Berlin. As a sound designer and sound technician he has worked for Thalia Theater/ Hamburg; Salzburger Festspiele, Dorky Park/ Constanza Macras, Two Fish, Gisèle Vienne a.o.

Kuhlmey was author/ produced radio features for Deutschlandradio, rbb and worked as a music teacher for many years in the international project „Lanterna Futuri“. He owns the record label „Fortschritt Musik“.