Workshops and Lecture

Alongside the touring of The Amplitude, Reuter and Kuhlmey offer a range of workshop formats as well as a lecture that draw upon the creation process of the piece as well as their skills as educators. The right mix of educational activity can be created around each performance.

The Amplitude: Workshops

Workshops can be tailored to suit all levels of experience, ages and interests. As part of a tour throughout the East Midlands in autumn 2016 they have taught lectures on the topic of acoustic waves in secondary schools, collaboration workshops between dance and music technology students in Higher Education, developed interactive sound installations for two Special Needs Schools and tailored performance projects in other educational contexts. All this, as well as technique class in contemporary dance, improvisation or Contact Improvisation are options to accompany touring activities.

Please get in touch to discuss options in more detail.

Video artist Bill Newsinger shot this documentary of The Amplitude Installation Workshops at two SEN Schools in Leicestershire Oct 2016. The project was part of the ‘Unlocking The World Through Art Sensory Atelier’ of Attenborough Arts Centre Leicester:


Part of the educational activity around The Amplitude is a lecture performance held by Reuter, which is developed to be performed in spaces with a simple technical set up: classrooms, common halls, lecture rooms, gallery spaces etc.
Part sound technology lecture, part dance performance, this lecture about sound and space investigates the omnipresence of physics in our everyday life. Scientific knowledge, practical demonstrations, individual and collective experiments and expert interviews will help to understand how acoustic waves work, how they shape and reshape the empty space around us. With the help of several tailor-made animated short films about acoustic waves, slapstick and pirate radios, this lecture will unpack and investigate these complicated questions together with the audience – looking for simple answers to complicated questions.

Performed by Gabriele Reuter
Length: approx 1 hour
Ages: 12+