Audience Experience

At the heart of the piece is the acoustic experience of the audience. Kuhlmey and Reuter build a soundscape together, created live from the movement on stage. Conducted on a highly amplified stage, Reuter’s movement is live recorded, re-mixed and sent through a series of effect chains to create an immersive and driving electronic sound. The movement material of The Amplitude is virtuosic, athletic and musical, it brings the empty space of the stage to live, along with the imagination of the audience.

In the lecturing parts of the performance, Reuter’s distinct style of performance, connects to dance and non-dance audiences alike. In a mixture of movement and text, facts of physics paired with a humorous, poetic interpretation of music technology expert knowledge she lures the audience into understanding acoustics like they never did in physics class.

A final musical composition of the piece is played through a 4-channel sound system. Two extra speakers set up behind the audience are used for the first time, allowing the sound to literally travel through each audience member. The choreography shifts from the stage to the auditorium, as the dynamic of the traveling soundscape is sensed physically; the composition is now a tangible, moving experience for the audience.